• 12:10 am

    Ting Ting is a student in an all-girl high school. She tries out for the school’s stage production of Romeo and Juliet with an all-boy school and promptly falls for the lead, Jackson. While Ting Ting is swept away by the excitement of her first love, Jackson turns out to be more of a player than a partner.

    Lesile Cheung, Chou Hsiu Lan, Rowena Cortes

    Tsai Chi Kuang

  • 01:40 am

    Two triad leaders, George and Kei, negotiate to join forces. As a bounty of $5 million is put on killing George, Kei assigns Sam, a corrupt cop who is also his right-hand man, to stop the killers. In the process, Sam meets a bald killer Tony, who stalks him and causes him troubles. When Sam realizes he is being set up, it was already too late…

    Tony Leung, Sean Lau

    Patrick Yau, Johnnie To

  • 03:10 am

    Three young police officers driven by different motives decide to join forces to defeat Tien and his lethal, mercenary gang. As they team up to prevent another massive robbery, they discover that it is instigated by another unknown man. With courage, wits and dexterity, the trio are determined to not let Tien and the instigator escape.

    Nicholas Tse, Jaycee Chan, Shawn Yue, Wu Jing

    Benny Chan

  • 05:25 am

    A young student Ling Choi Son takes shelter from a storm in a deserted temple. He meets and falls in love with a beautiful ghost Lip Siu Sin, who is controlled by a hideous tree spirit inhabiting the temple. The student seeks help from a Taoist priest to kill the tree spirit and free Lip, as he hopes to be with his beloved.

    Leslie Cheung, Joey Wang, Wu Ma

    Tony Ching

  • 07:00 am

    Sergeant Ma Jun is a hot-headed cop who vows to take down three powerful triad drug dealing brothers. His fellow officer, Wilson, is an experienced undercover agent working within the triad gang. They both agree to a partnership, but when Wilson's cover is blown, Jun is forced to confront the gang with the only way he knows - his fists.

    Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Fan Bing Bing

    Wilson Yip

  • 08:30 am

    Senior Inspector Wing is an elite in the police force but has been drowning his guilt in booze after his entire team was killed by the “Gang of Five” in a mission. A year later, a young rookie detective with a complicated background is assigned to partner Wing and manages to inspire him into action, as Wing vows to take down the gang.

    Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Daniel Wu, Charlie Young

    Benny Chan

  • 10:35 am

    Adapted from an award-winning Chinese novel, the story follows the life of a legendary Shanghai beauty Wang Qi Yao from her glamorous to her simpler days. She stays true to her own way of life while surviving the constant betrayal of her men, and bears witness to the waves of change to her city from 1947 to 1981.

    Sammi Cheng, Daniel Wu, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Hu Jun

    Stanley Kwan

  • 12:25 pm

    In this sequel, the powerful Ashura wants to quit the evil world and asks Master Chi for help. He grants her seven days on earth, after which she must leave to live inside a statue. As demons keep harassing Ashura, she teams up with Peacock and Fruit on the seventh day to destroy them. This touches the gods, allowing her to transform into a human.

    Yuen Biao, Gloria Yip, Abe Hiroshi

    Troy Nam Nai Choi, Lau Sze Yu

  • 02:05 pm

    Shi Jie grew up in a martial arts school and possesses an extraordinary shooting skill. Street hustler Chen Li sees his talent and arranges for him to join a university basketball team. With his kung fu dunking skill, Shi Jie manages to win all college basketball matches, bringing him wealth and also strengthening his relationship with Chen Li.

    Jay Chou, Berlin Chen Po Lin, Charlene Choi

    Chu Yin Ping

  • 03:50 pm

    Agent Jackie is hired to find a huge cache of gold hidden in the Sahara desert by the German soldiers during World War II. He teams up with three women on this mission and soon discovers that he is not the only one searching for gold, and that there are ruthless treasure-hunters willing to kill to get their hands on it.

    Jackie Chan, Carol Cheng

    Jackie Chan

  • 05:40 pm

    Master Wong Fei Hung goes visit "Bucktooth" So in America. He lost his memory after falling into the valley to save 13th Aunt but is luckily rescued by an Indian tribe. As the western gangsters try to kill everyone living in the town, Master Wong fights to defend the Chinese compatriots there.

    Jet Li, Rosamund Kwan, Xiong Xin Xin

    Sammo Hung

  • Must Watch

    My Dream Girl

    Cast: Ekin Cheng, Vicki Zhao, Vincent Kok, Bernice Liu, Cheung Tak Ming, Niki Chow

    My Wife is 18

    Cast: Ekin Cheung, Charlene Choi

    Everyday Is Valentine

    Cast: Leon Lai, Cecilia Cheung

    Romantic Dream

    Cast: Sean Lau, Sharla Cheung

    07:20 pm

    Set in 1930s, Taiwanese fugitive Hui Man Keung befriends a small time mobster, Ding Lik, in Shanghai. The two join forces and become famous in the triad world. However, their relationship turns sour when both fall for the triad boss’ daughter, Ching. Keung also discovers that Ching’s father is responsible for the death of his Taiwanese comrades.

    Andy Lau, Leslie Cheung, Ning Jing

    Poon Man Kit

  • 09:00 pm

    Ka Kui is demoted despite his arrest of drug baron Chu, so he takes off for a vacation with girlfriend, May. When an explosion occurs, he returns to investigate and tracks it down to the terrorists. As the terrorists kidnap May and adhere explosives on Ka Kui to demand ransom from the police, he vows to save his girl and the day!

    Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung

    Jackie Chan

  • 11:00 pm

    The lustful Emperor Qi bumps into the beautiful outlaw warrior Wu Yen by chance and the two fall in love at first sight. However, an ugly mark suddenly appears on Wu Yen’s face, scaring the Emperor away. This turns out to be a curse by the Fairy Enchantress in order to get between the two lovers…

    Sammi Cheng, Anita Mui, Cecilia Cheung

    Johnnie To, Wai Ka Fai