• 12:40 am

    Tim (Aaron KWOK) is a defense attorney with a heart of gold. Refusing to simply be a hired gun for his wealthy clients, Tim quits his job at a prestigious law firm to become a prosecutor at the Justice Department. With support from his fiance Megan and his cop buddy Nam (LIU Kai-chi), Tim decides to start life anew. When he chances upon a handicapped piano teacher Jing (GWEI Lun-mei), she begs Tim to help her. She has accused her doctor, the renowned surgeon Zhou (CHANG Chen), of sexual harassing her during a check-up in his clinic. The doctor and the patient were the only ones in the room, and each of them offers contradictory testimony. The case soon turns into a Rashomon-esque mystery. To up the ante further, Zhou's defense attorney is the talented Freddy (XIA Yu), who has taken over Tim's previous position at the prestigious law firm. The sharp-tongued lawyer proves to be Tim's toughest opponent to date. The media frenzy around this sexual harassment case slowly begins to destroy the lives of everyone involved, especially those of the doctors' wife Jie (QIN Hailu) and his young daughter. Tim soon realizes the cost to the truth may simply be too much to bear.

    Aaron KWOK, GWEI Lun-mei

    Charlie Yeung

  • 02:10 am

    Skyline Cruisers is a story about four young, slick, professional thieves who can steal just about anything. Mac assuming his usual role as the group's leader accepts a new assignment - to steal an anti-virus drug that has the ability to purge the body of cancerous genes. Unwittingly, Mac has chosen a mission that will test the boundaries of courage, friendship and the loyalty they feel to one another.

    Leon Lai, Jordan Chan, Shu Qi, Sam Lee

    Wilson Yip

  • 03:40 am

    Mint and May are sisters from a wig-making family, the two can't get along but were made to man the shop while their parents went out of town. Their nightmare came alive when May unknowingly acquired hair of a dead person...In a stranger's house with a dark history, two corpses lie peacefully, side by side... Tos is assigned to take care of Mike and Cherry - a couple killed in an accident just before their wedding. Their parents decide to keep their corpses, as the couple loved each other so much - and their parents still treating them as if they were still alive. With Tos spending all his time with the corpses, he soon falls in love with the dead, but beautiful Cherry… what will this twisted love leads too? In the middle of the night, the office is as deserted as a graveyard, strange things happen... Karan and Tee are owners of a company whose office is in building rumoured to be haunted. The two aren't scared, and actually enjoyed playing pranks on their staff who work late at night. But soon, the pranksters are no longer certain if the strange things that happened in the office are their game - or someone else's...

    Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, Focus Jeerakul, Vivid Bavornkiratikajorn, Thanawat Prasitthisomporn, Nayapak Bhumisak, Iirah Wimonchailerk (Tony), Kanklao Duaysianklao (Grace), Peter Knight

    Patchanon Thumajira, Kirati Nakintanon

  • 05:15 am

    A girl's life is changed forever after she settles down in a strange, old family house and forced to sleep in the creepy room a young girl used to stay in before she died...

    Jiao Xu, Eddie Cheung

    Danny Pang

  • 06:50 am

    "Young And Dangerous: Reloaded" features a new generation of muscle bound actors who promise to deliver plenty of bloody violence, foul language, and raunchy sex scenes. The original "Young And Dangerous" was based on a comic book, and chronicled the adventures of a young group of triads in Mongkok. Actor Ekin Cheng portrayed the iconic leader of the pack known as Chan Ho Nam, who will now be played by Him Law. His co-stars will include Oscar Leung (Chicken), Sammy Shum (Ugly Kwan), Jazz Lam, Paul Wong (Big Brother B), Dominic Ho, Philip Ng, Winnie Leung, Hu Ran, and Jacqueline Chong. The film will be directed by up-and-coming director Daniel Chan.

    Chung Him Law, Oscar Leung, Paul Wong, Philip Ng

    Daniel Yee Heng Chan

  • 08:35 am

    Tiffany begins compensated dating, a practice in which a young woman agrees to go on a date with a man for a fee or luxury gifts, and is content with her lifestyle until she meets a young man who changes her perspective.

    Pakho Chau, Rose Chan, Liu Kai Chi

    Kevin Chu

  • 10:15 am

    Lifelong best friends Dragon (Chan) and Cowboy become rivals over a beautiful girl and then regain their friendship when they uncover a plot to smuggle precious Chinese antiques out of the country. But foiling the illegal operation won't be easy as Dragon and Cowboy kick the action into high gear in a thrilling rooftop battle with spear-wielding bad guys and an unbelievable, show-stopping fight finale!

    Jackie Chan, Mars, Sidney Yim

    Jackie Chan

  • 12:05 pm

    Featuring a star-studded cast including, Louis Koo, Daniel Woo, Gao Yuan-yuan, Miriam Yeung and Vic Chow, Don.t Go Breaking My Heart 2 tells the story of two former lovers irresistibly drawn back together, despite the fact that each of them is engaged to someone else.

    Louis Koo, Gao Yuanyuan, Daniel Wu, Miriam Yeung

    Johnnie TO

  • Must Watch

    Celestial Movies 15th Anniversary

    In celebration of our 15 year anniversary, we promise to get even bigger, stronger, and better!

    Legend Of The Naga Pearls

    Cast: Darren Wang, Zhang Tianai, Simon Yam

    Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight

    Cast: Michael Ning, Louis Cheung, Alex Man

    Foolish Plan

    Cast: Jordan Chan, Jiro Wang, Lawrence Ng

    A Chinese Odyssey Part Three

    Cast: Han Geng, Tiffany Tang, Karen Mok, Gillian Chung

    The Sinking City Capsule Odyssey

    Cast: Pakho Chau, Shiga Lin, Louis Cheung

    Wine War

    Cast: Leon Lai, Zhang Hanyu, Du Juan

    Wu Kong

    Cast: Eddie Peng, Shawn Yue, Ni Ni

    Floating City

    Cast: Aaron Kwok, Josie Ho

    Line Walker

    Cast: Charmaine Sheh, Nick Cheung, Louis Koo, Francis Ng


    In celebration of the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards this month, CELESTIAL MOVIES brings you some of the nominees, including Best Film nominee Our Time Will Come and Best Film From Mainland And Taiwan nominee Duckweed!

    02:00 pm

    In the ancient land of Huadu, ruthless Empress (Qu Ying) and her chief eunuch, Chiu Ngai (Daniel Wu), live in fear of a prophecy saying that a boy shall rise to become Emperor. To prevent this, the empress sends out her warriors to kill any child who fulfils the prediction... Char (Jaycee Chan), is the humble boy born to be Emperor. He and his adopted brother Coal (Chen Po-lin) perform in a traveling show run by their foster father Blackwood (Tony Leung Ka-fai). Their friend Tao (Edison Chen) gives them a stone with a treasure map engraved upon it. The pair set out on an epic journey to find fortune and glory. They are joined on their odyssey by two fierce warrior women, Blue (Gillian Chung) and Spring (Charlene Choi), and together, they survive a series of challenges.

    Jaycee Chan, Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, Chen Bo Lin, Donnie Yen, Daniel Wu, Edison Chan, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Qu Ying, Fan Bing Bing, Jackie Chan

    Patrick Leung, Corey Yuen

  • 03:50 pm

    Three best friends embark to a soul-searching journey through the provinces of China. From cities, small towns, hills, forests to deserts, they experience the sadness and happiness through different people and animals, saying hello at one start, waving goodbye at one end.

    Bolin Chen, William Feng, Wallace Chung, Joe Chen

    Han Han

  • 05:35 pm

    It's more zombies and vampires as the Master Killer, Gordon Liu (Kill Bill 1 and 2) returns in this highly anticipated sequel to Shaolin vs. Evil Dead! His fellow Taoist priest Hak (Louis Fan from The Story Of Ricky and Iron Fist) has turned into a vampire and he must use all his power to stop Hak and his legion of vampires from bringing eternal darkness to the nation. Spectacular special effects and terrific fights make Shaolin vs. Evil Dead: Ultimate Power the perfect conclusion to this martial arts horror thriller!

    Gordon Liu, Siu-Wong Fan

    Douglas Kung

  • 07:20 pm

    Sei and Ling, former masseuses in Macau, had the best time together before Sei got married and moved to Taiwan. Decades later after Ling passes away, Sei revisits her old life and learns that her late best friend had kept secrets she never knew...

    Gigi Leung, Fish Liew, Jennifer Yu

    Tracy Choi

  • 09:00 pm

    Seven warriors of exceptional swordsmanship band together to protect a village from a diabolical general in this exciting martial arts film directed by Tsui Hark.

    Leon Lai, Charlie Young, Donnie Yen, Kim So Yeon, Lu Yi, Sun Hong Lei, Zhang Jing chu, tai Li Wu, Duncan Chow

    Tsui Hark

  • 11:40 pm

    Superstar Sammi Cheng stars as a no-nonsense CEO who has been betrayed by her two-timing fiancee and sets out to find a sperm donor so that she can have a child with no attachments in this romantic-comedy.

    Sammi Cheng, Joseph Chang

    Liu Guonan