• 12:30 am

    Lam (Leslie Cheung), an ambitious sleazebag, loses his job and his girl on the same day. He crashes with his ne'er-do-well musician friend James (Tony Leung) and subsequently takes advantage of him. When James falls for comely businesswoman Winnie (Rosamund Kwan), Lam leapfrogs over his friend and starts going out with her.

    Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung, Rosamund Kwan, Michael Wong

    Gordon Chan

  • 02:15 am

    Five couples of five different generations try to make their relationship work with the same goal in mind — to have a happy ending.

    Francis Ng, Yu Nan, Kim Bum, Guli Nazha, Simon Yam, Jiang Wu, Kara Hui

    Niu Chao Yang

  • 03:50 am

    Everybody Is Zombie Fighting! It's Kill Bill meets The Evil Dead in this rousing martial arts horror auctioneer starring the one and only "Master Killer" himself, Gordon Liu (Kill Bill 1, Kill Bill 2, Master Killer) Taoists priests Park (Liu) and Hak (Terry Fan from The Story Of Ricky and Iron Fist) have been competing with each other for leadership of their school by using various sorcerers. But when their battle accidentally awakens the King of the Vampires, who has laid dormant for a thousand years. Pak and Hak must unite and use the 5 Elements Formation to stop the demon and his army of darkness. Will their powers be enough to defeat this invincible immortal?

    Gordon Liu, Siu-Wong Fan

    Douglas Kung

  • 05:30 am

    College student Nam (Michelle Wai) juggles school and a part-time gig as a photographer's assistant for her longtime friend Chun Man (Carlos Chan), who holds an obvious torch for her. With high school reunion coming up, Nam recalls her abbreviated puppy love with classmate To Chi (Ken Hung), her almost boyfriend who left suddenly for Canada. Their bickering relationship ended over a misunderstanding back in high school, but the two reconnect immediately when they meet again. Nam is as happy as could be with To Chi. But one day Chun Man tells her that To Chi is actually comatose in Canada, and that no one else can see To Chi.

    Ken Hung, Michelle Wai, Carlos Chan

    Ivy Kong

  • 07:05 am

    Shawn Yue and Eric Tsang star in this drama about a mentally ill stockbroker struggling to reconcile with his estranged father and his perturbed ex-fiancee.

    Shawn Yue, Eric Tsang, Elaine Jin, Charmaine Fong

    Wong Chun

  • 08:50 am

    Directed by acclaimed director Yimou Zhang, The Road Home stars international famous actress Zhang Zi Yi. At father's funeral, an elderly mother sees her son as a symbolic image of her husband, and she relives bittersweet memories in her heart...

    Zhang Ziyi, Sun Honglei, Zheng Hao

    Zhang Yimou

  • 10:20 am

    Two eccentric hot-blooded young men, Lung and Chi-Yeung, lead a devil-may-care life. But when a mysterious monster appears in the city and turns people into zombies, Lung risks his life to break into the infected district for rescuing Chi-Yeung and his dream girl.

    Michael Ning, Louis Cheung, Alex Man, Carrie Ng, Cherry Ngan, Venus Wong

    Wai Lun Lo

  • 12:10 pm

    Following the events from Ju-On 3: Beginning of the End, the fourth installment of the franchise picks up as Mai searchers for her missing sister and elementary school teacher Yui. But as horrific incidents occur around her while she follows the clues, the cursed house is now nothing but an empty parking lot. Will she be able to discover the truth behind the horrifying death of her sister and finally break the curse, or will she be the next to die?

    Airi Taira, Renn Kiriyama, Nonoka Ono, Yurina Yanagi

    Masayuki Ochiai

  • 01:45 pm

    Intrepid inventor Royal Dog (Louis Koo) is part of the elite imperial bodyguard team tasked with protecting the inept Emperor and Empress (Sandra Ng). Unlike his brother Royal Tiger, however, Royal Dog can't fight if his life depended on it.

    Louis Koo, Barbie Hsu, Sandra Ng, Fan Siu Wong, Tong Da Wei, Liu Yang, Xiao Song Jia, Law Ka Ying, Leung Ka Yan, Kingdom Yuen, Lee Kin Yan, Zhang Jia Lun, Li Man Yun, Natalie Meng Yao

    Wong Jing

  • 03:25 pm

    Han-na, an overweight woman with a beautiful voice, provides the real vocals for a pretty pop star who can't carry a tune. But after a humiliating encounter, Han-na undergoes a head-to-toe plastic surgery to reemerge a year later as svelte singer Jenny in this romantic-comedy.

    Jin-Mo Ju, Ah-jung Kim

    Yong-hwa Kim

  • Must Watch

    Love Contractually

    Cast: Sammi Cheng, Joseph Chang


    Cast: Louis Koo, Gordon Lam, Tony Jaa

    Mad World

    Cast: Shawn Yue, Eric Tsang, Elaine Jin

    Girls VS Gangsters

    Cast: Fiona Sit, Yihan Chen, Ning Chang

    The Yuppie Fantasia 3

    Cast: Lawrence Cheng , Chrissie Chau , Larine Tang


    Back in the day, Jackie Chan started his career learning martial arts at the Peking Opera School run by Master Yu Jim-Yuen. There, Jackie Chan and six others, including Sammo Hung, Yuen Wah, and Yuen Biao, formed the performance group Seven Little Fortunes, and three of them later became successful and was then known after as the Three Dragons. This month, on Celestial Movies, be sure to catch Jackie Chan and his gang of dragons in four movies every Friday!

    Extraordinary Mission

    Cast: Huang Xuan, Duan Yihong

    Operation Mekong

    Cast: Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Pang

    Special Female Force

    Cast: Eliza Sam, Jeana Ho, Joyce Cheng

    The Wrath of Vajra

    Cast: Shi Yan Neng, Yoo Seung Jun, Nam Hyun Joon

    Wolf Warrior II

    Cast: Wu Jing, Celina Jade, Frank Grillo

    05:25 pm

    Jackie Chan stars as a humble London businessman whose long-buried past erupts in a revenge-fueled vendetta when the only person left for him to love - his teenage daughter - dies in a senseless act of politically motivated terrorism. His relentless search to find the terrorists leads to a cat-and-mouse conflict with a British government official whose own past may hold the clues to the identities of the elusive killers.

    Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, Katie Leung

    Martin Campbell

  • 07:20 pm

    Yang travels to Chen Village to learn a powerful form of Tai Chi. Though villagers are forbidden from teaching outsiders, Yang becomes their best hope for survival when a man arrives with a plan to build a railroad through the village.

    Tony Leung Ka Fai,Eddie Peng, Angelababy, Stanley Fung, Yuan Xiao Chao

    Stephen Fung

  • 09:00 pm

    During the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, Fan Lan is recruited to the anti-Japanese guerrilla for her intelligence. But when her mother takes her place and becomes arrested, Fan is forced to turn to a friend who now works for the Japanese....

    Zhou Xun, Deanie Ip, Eddie Peng, Wallace Huo, Jessie Li, Tony Leung, Nina Paw

    Ann Hui

  • 11:15 pm

    Award-winning Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung drops his funny persona for a horrifying trip into the superstitions of the Cantonese opera world with Hungry Ghost Ritual, his directorial debut! When Zong Hua's (Nick Cheung) father falls ill, he volunteers to take over the family's Cantonese opera troupe. However, as Zong Hua slowly learns the superstitions and traditions of the opera world, he begins to encounter spooky happenings around him, implying that a powerful, supernatural force is trying to derail the troupe.

    Nick Cheung, Annie Liu, Carrie Ng, Lam Wai

    Nick Cheung