• 01:30 am

    During the time when Hong Kong was under British rule, there was a dark age when corruption and bribery were the order of the day. But in the darkness comes brave individuals who are determined to end corruption with the founding of Hong Kong's anti-corruption bureau in this star-studded crime drama that features Tony Leung Ka Fai, Anthony Wong, Eason Chan and Alex Fong.

    Eason Chen, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Anthony Wong, Alex Fong, Bowie Lam, Pao Qi Qing, Natalie Meng Yao, Kate Tsui

    Wong Jing

  • 03:25 am

    The lives of three fathers going on a luxurious holiday are turned upside-down when a thief slips a stolen famous diamond into one of the fathers' coat pocket.

    Guo Tao, Jimmy Lin, Tian Liang, Zhang Liang, Wang Yue Lun

    Wang Yue Lun

  • 05:15 am

    Wishing to become a rock star, Dal Ho reluctantly playing Trot music at local clubs for living. One day, a small recording company offers Dal Ho a contract and everything begins…

    Cha Tae-hyun, Lee So-yeon

    Kim Sang-Chan, Kim Hyun-soo

  • 07:10 am

    A warm drama about a gambler father and his estranged son, and how a dog with predictive powers brings them closer together.

    Jason Wang, Henry Thia, Wang Jun, Tommy Kuan

    Ng Say Yong

  • 08:50 am

    Tyler is a restless, streetwise 21-year-old Hong Kong native who's had trouble gaining the trust of others all his life. He secretly fantasizes about living the good life in South America. After a while, he is forced to deal with the reality of impending fatherhood. Hankering for quick cash, however, he joins a bodyguard company. Later, he makes friends with a once disillusioned mercenary determined to begin life in a new way. However, their companionship is brief: they both are uncontrollably forced toward opposite sides of a deadly showdown...

    Nicholas Tse, Wu Bai, Candy Lo, Cathy Tsui, Anthony Wong, Couto Remotigue Jr

    Tsui Hark

  • 10:45 am

    Starring veteran actresses Pau Qi-qing, Chan Lai-wan and newcomer Juno Leung, the movie was nominated as the Best Picture in 28th Hong Kong Film Awards, won Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. Possibly the most realistic portrayal of everyday life in Hong Kong ever put to the silver screen, The Way We Are steps seamlessly into the world of Hong Kong's lower working class amid the city's ubiquitous housing estates. Ann Hui captures a remarkably realistic slice of Hong Kong life that is eye-opening and genuinely enjoyable. Onn (Juno Leung) is a high school graduate, the only child of widowed Kwai (Pau Qi-qing), who lives and studies in Tin Shui Wai, a new town bordering China and remote by Hong Kong standard. He is no wise kid with flying colors but he grew up with keen awareness of what his mother has been up against in defense of their family of two. Kwai is the kind who throws her despair behind and never dodges what it takes to move on in work and life. She works in a supermarket, actually a neighborhood grocery, at very limited salary, and that keeps her from the costly family gatherings which she could barely afford. But behind their infrequent encounters Kwai has a pair of caring brothers who owe their education to a sister who truncated her schooling to make money for the family's future. This is a nonchalant story of decent folks living in an isolated "new" town distanced by poverty. Their stories are just as the common as anyone else.

    Pao Qi Qing, Chan Lai Wun, Juno Leung, Idy Chan, Clifton Ko

    Ann Hui

  • 12:20 pm

    The younger one of a pair of brothers has a rare disease which causes his body to age rapidly while his mind is still in a pre-teen state.

    Lee Jung-jae, Lee Bum-soo

    Kim Yong-hwa

  • Must Watch

    The Thousand Faces of Dunjia

    A Beautiful Moment

    Cast: Carina Lau, Simon Yam, Michelle Wai, Ivana Wong

    A Better Tomorrow 2018

    Cast: Wang Kai, Ma Tianyu, Wang Talu

    The Empty Hands

    Cast: Stephy Tang, Chapman To, Yasuaki Kurata

    Concerto of the Bully

    Cast: Ronald Cheng, Cherry Ngan, Chrissie Chau

    02:15 pm

    When three tech founders end up handing over their latest inventions to a sleazy tycoon that takes them for granted, they decide to kidnap the man’s wife, mistress, love child and her grandma for a huge random. But little did they know that the heartless tycoon, instead of paying the ransom, has instead hired an assassin to take them out…

    Christine Eng, Justin Cheung, Eric Kwok, Jennifer Yu

    Paul Sze Pak-lam

  • 04:10 pm

    A self-indulgent private investigator (Jackie Chan) winds up on a cruise ship full of rich patrons, gorgeous women, murderous terrorists, and scarce food.

    Jackie Chan, Joey Wong, Chingmy Yau

    Wong Jing

  • 05:50 pm

    Several homicides shrouded in mystery have been discovered in Hong Kong. All the victims are male, and like a story from the X Files, the victims were sucked dry. The autopsies show that all the victims have one thing in common - their wounds consist of a rattle snake poison from South America. Special agent Kenny Mann is assigned to this case. Kenny finds out that one of victims was last seen in a bar in Lan Kwai Fong, so he goes there for information. Melissa, the owner of the bar is a beautiful woman; and naturally she’s surrounded by men. To get their patronage, Melissa goes along and flirts with them. The waitresses Angie, Tracy, Cindy and Diana are also dressed sexily to attract customers. This gives people the idea that these women are easy. Kenny tails Melissa and finds out that these girls actually lead very proper private lives, they don't fool around at all with men. When he goes to investigate at Melissa's house, he finds a nest of snakes there. Melissa says she trusts snakes more than men. Kenny is fascinated by this beautiful yet mysterious woman. Kenny also suspects Angie and Cindy as Cindy is connected to a pet snake supplier, Ted. Kenny discovers that Ted is actually a drug dealer. During a drug bust, Ted falls to his death, and the investigation seemingly comes to a dead end. Kenny discovers an old video and sees Cindy in the film. It shows that somebody was secretly filming her, so who is this somebody? Kenny also finds the victims in the film all have injuries to their hands and feet, like the stigmata of Christ when he was crucified. Meanwhile, his assistant Alan discovers that taking a drug together with snake poison will create extreme highs which also cause severe brain damage. In other words, all the victims have died from drug highs, it's nothing to do with witches and evil cults. Kenny now believes that Cindy is innocent, and Melissa is the real culprit. Kenny sneaks into the bar one night and is attacked and passes out. When Kenny wakes up, he finds both he and Melissa have become Angie's captives. Angie is trying to inject poison into him. Angie admits she’s behind everything because she's in love with Melissa. Angie and Cindy are lovers too, and she uses Cindy to do her dirty work for her. Now she's going to crucify Melissa in order to cleanse her, she thinks she's been defiled by men, Kenny will have to die so he can never contaminate another woman. Angie injects Kenny with snake poison, this creates a strong illusion in him, he loses control of himself. Kenny hangs on desperately to reality, and finally by dislocating his arm, the sharp pain brings him back to reality. In the end, he overcomes Angie who ironically is then killed by her own snakes...


    Douglas KUNG

  • 07:30 pm

    The group of young people in Psychic Park all have supernatural powers: Moon (Isabella Leung) can communicate with insects; Hyland (Berlin Chen) has "pushing" powers; Idol Sasako (Charlene Choi) can fly; Auntie (Gillian Chung) is perpetually youthful; and there's the ladybug with only one dot, Cootchie. After one major disaster, it seems that no amount of supernatural powers in the world can save the day. We never thought that the most magical force in the world is the love and courage inside each one of us!

    Isabella Leung, Berlin Chen

    Law Chi Leung

  • 09:00 pm

    Sequel to the hit fantasy comedy franchise A Chinese Odyssey loosely based on Journey to the West, starring Tiffany Tang as Zixia, who travels back to the past in order to prevent the tragedy brought by the battle and the budding love between the Monkey King and her.

    Geng Hon, Yan Tang, Karen Mok, Jing Wu, Gillian Chung

    Jeffery Lau

  • 10:40 pm

    A spouse, Neung (Krissada Sukosol Clapp) is a composer and Dao (Supaksorn Chaimongkol) who is his wife. Both of them has a simple lifestyle. They saving money to afford a house, a car and invest in a small business as a small pub. Unfortunately, his business is not good as he thought. One day Neung drives a car cruch on neighborhood's daughter till this girl gets into a coma and become a sleeping Beauty. They have to deserve their fate the trying that they have done. Neung decided to sell his antiques at pawnshop but the value of his antiques are not enough that he want. An owner of the pawnshop believe in ghosts, So he proposed a new plan to Neung. He suggests Neung to pawn himself with ghosts. A crisis of their life makes them have no choice to do. Therefore, Neung decided to make a deal with ghost for a million money by pawn himself with ghosts. He will never know what he will meet in this pawnshop.

    Krissada Sukosol Clapp, Supaksorn Chaimongkol

    Parm ransri